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American designed large Custom sofa in Avocado green. Beautiful curved design throughout the piece. Unique features throughout the piece includes brass finials on the back of the piece that hold up the back cushions. Each cushion offers rounded breather holes. Each seat cushion is a slightly different shape and size. Unique pleated bottom cover that hides the legs. We have never seen another sofa like this and it was likely built for a specific space or home. There is likely very few of these or this is the only one made. The fabric is a high end commercial Avocado green vinyl. it is stretchy and soft. We date this piece at 1972-1978. Great centerpiece for any modern home or space. Please see all photos to ensure you know what you are buying. We include FREE SHIPPING in the listing price. Some exceptions apply, so please read the full shipping details below.

Condition report: Very good condition. Structurally solid. the original fabric is in great shape. unmarked example. Each original cushion is intact. Finials behind the sofa is intact. No major issue or loss within the piece. Unmarked example. 9/10 condition rating.

Measurements: 136 W x 75 D x 28 H

Back of sofa: 136 W

Front of sofa: 121 W

Exceptions to free shipping: East Coast ($200 flat fee, NY / FL, 250$ Flat fee) Overseas, incl. HI & AL (location dependent, but shipping charged at cost) Due to the large increase in gas prices, we have had no choice but to change our shipping rates slightly. If your location requires a ferry or is on an isolated island, customer is required to cover any and all extra transportation costs to and from the delivery location. This item will be shipped through our professional and fully insured shipping company. We will need to confirm your shipping address and phone number so the driver can coordinate a date and time with you and deliver your item directly to your desired address. Upon shipment, we will be unable to provide a tracking number, but I will provide you the courier's contact information for you to call and check on your item. I cannot ship the item without your communication. Processing takes about 7-10 days, while delivery should take between 2-4 weeks. Due to current lack of drivers as well as supply chain shortage, timelines can change without warning unfortunately. Although we work hard to keep the above timeline, there may be additional delays due to variables outside of our control. We also offer pickup at our main office in Sacramento, CA for a discounted rate.

At Mid Century Sacramento, we source, restore, and carefully curate iconic 20th century/mid century modern designs to time capsule condition. We view good furniture design as the same as functional art and our goal is to put that art into your hands. Our services include staging, restoration, and reupholstery services. Per request, we can make any changes or updates (such as upholstery or restorations) to your item at cost through professional contractors Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest in my item.

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