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Wow! An amazingly well built extra large 1960s Danish Modern media cabinet / audio cabinet with tons of features built in. This special piece, with its vibrant teak grain, features record storage on one side and drawer storage and shelving on the other. This piece can be floated in the center of a room and can work as storage as well as a functional magazine rack or hifi audio cabinet with LP storage. All the dovetailed drawers are offered in different sizes and with a single rounded metal handle. Unique size and design. Would work great as a centerpiece in an office, listening room or in a high end storefront. Fully finished on all sides. Recently imported directly from Denmark in our latest shipment. We include FREE SHIPPING in the listing price. Some exceptions apply, so please read the full shipping details below.

Condition report: Near mint condition. Structurally solid. Base is intact and sturdy. Drawers slide as intended. very minimal bowing of the vinyl or magazine compartments to the front. No major wear or damage to the wood. Outstanding example of a potential one off item. 9.75/10 condition rating.

Measurements: 79 W x 28 D x 31 H

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