Mid Century Modern Dresser Highboy Kent Coffey Wharton 5 Drawer Vintage Danish


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Mid-Century Modern vintage Kent Coffey "The Wharton" Series, a premier line of furniture, features beautiful walnut grain with untouched original Copper hand tear drop pulls, and 5 drawers, 3 hidden behind the cabinet. Dovetail joints front and rear of drawers. Stepped cabinet frame, raised border door and drawer fronts. Spaced frame cabinet.Please see all photos to ensure you know what you are buying. We include FREE SHIPPING in the listing price. Some exceptions apply, so please read the full shipping details below.

Condition report: Very good condition. The top surfaces have been restored and the piece is now ready for use. No structural damage or wear to be seen within the piece. 9.5/10 condition. Stamped within.

Measurements: 42 W x 20 D x 52 H

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At Mid Century Sacramento, we source, restore, and carefully curate iconic 20th century/mid century modern designs to time capsule condition. We view good furniture design as the same as functional art and our goal is to put that art into your hands. Our services include staging, restoration, and reupholstery services. Per request, we can make any changes or updates (such as upholstery or restorations) to your item at cost through professional contractors Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest in my item.

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